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November 1991

Special issue on Yogic Management of Stress - Contd.


The Non-specific Tension

Children under Stress

The Real Nature of our Body

Tuning Body and Mind

Asanas and Stress

Pranayama and Stress

Meditation and Stress

Yoga Nidra and Stress

Karma Yoga and Stress


Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Some people laugh
their whole life through.
They know how to laugh
and make others laugh.

Other people
spend their whole life crying.
Tell me, which kind are you?

Laughter is an art.
And when you know how to laugh,
and make others laugh,
you will never cry again.

The person who makes others laugh
is really in tune with himself.

So how will you learn this art of laughter
the most excellent of yogas?

If you really wish to perfect it,
you will have to consider your life as a joke.

Life begins in one second, and in one second it ends.


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