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October 2009

This issue of Yoga focuses on Swami Sivananda’s teachings on jnana yoga.

High on Waves

Jnana Yoga


Viveka Prashnottari

Shat-Sampat: Six-fold Virtues

The Voice of Conscience

Practice of Meditation in Jnana Yoga

The Experience of Silence

What is Brahman?

The Philosophy of Vedanta

The State of Jnana

Viveka Prashnottari

Where can you find eternal happiness?

In your own atman within.

Which is the most troublesome organ?

The tongue.

Who is your terrible enemy?

The mind.

Who is your best friend?

Satsang or association with the wise.

Who is your real father?


Which is the best language?

Language of the heart.

Which is the best virtue?


Which is the sacred river?

Brahma jnana.

Who is the real king?

A jivanmukta or liberated sage.

Which is the best dharma?

Selfless service.

Which is the worst quality?


Which is the best thing in this world?

Pain (because it is an eye-opener, it goads you to seek liberation.)

Which is the best food?

Hearing of the shrutis or upanishads.

Where is the worst hell?

In the mind filled with jealousy, crookedness and hatred.

Where is the best heaven?

In the heart filled with love, mercy and generosity.

Which is the most precious thing in this world?

Vairagya or dispassion.

Who is the strongest man?

He who practises ahimsa, he who can bear insults, injuries and persecutions with a smiling face.

Who is a weak man?

An irritable man.

Who is the happiest man?

A tyagi or a man of renunciation.

Who is the most miserable man?

A rich man.

Who is the most beautiful man?

A yogi.

Who is the ugliest man?

A greedy man.

Who is a beggar?

He who has desires.

Which is the biggest ocean?

The ocean of bliss.



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