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Early Teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Early TeachingsEarly Teachings contains satsangs and talks along with meditation practices as taught by Swami Satyananda at Bihar School of Yoga. The theory and practice of trataka, chidakasha, dharana, japa, ajapa japa, prana vidya and pranic healing are given here. Other topics include: aura, astrology, death, nature of god, education and anarchy, Kali, kundalini and the unconscious, unrecorded life of Christ in India, samadhi and psychic breathing, world brotherhood and bhakti yoga, Sanskrit and ethics, Gita, ahimsa and criminals, karma and destiny, seclusion, sleep and others.

  • 503 pp
  • Soft cover
  • ISBN 81-85787-00-X



Teachings of Swami Satyananda Saraswati
Vols 1-6

This illuminating series of books contains the formal and informal talks of a world renowned master and authority on yoga. For those yogic aspirants and spiritual seekers who are unable to be in the presence of a great master to hear his teachings directly, these books are an incomparable gift of knowledge and inspiration. Each volume contains spiritual truths and practical guidelines conveyed simply and from the heart.

Ideal for all levels of aspirants and seekers from beginners to advanced.

Teachings of Swami SatyanandaVolume 1 contains satsangs (discourses) on spiritual life, health and healing, emotional health, sadhana, kundalini, left hand tantra, spiritual experience, mantra, attachment and desire, evolution, reincarnation, world affairs, sleep and dreams, ashram life and others.

Volume 2 contains talks on choosing a yoga teacher, tantra and yoga, tantra and vedanta, karma, karma yoga, yoga nidra, satsang and psychotherapy, learning through transmission, poverty, ashram culture, sexual life, brahmacharya, yoga for children, kirtan and many more.

Volume 3 contains talks and satsangs on scientific research on yoga, Sri Rama, the awakening of kundalini, dynamic awareness, yoga and concentration, sadhana for the mind, yoga and religion, self-discovery, witnessing the volcanic mind and others.

Volume 4 topics include: the spontaneous awareness of consciousness, the withdrawal and expansion of consciousness, the relationship between the mind and senses, kriya yoga, kundalini yoga and tantra, guru and spiritual life, how to use a mantra, pain and pleasure, how to progress in yoga, solutions to the human spiritual crisis, the will of God, breaking through illusions and many more.

Volume 5 topics include: the tantric tradition and modern science, introduction to advanced kriya course, mantra yoga, awakening the inner experience, inner Christmas, meditation for higher evolution, the purpose of ashram life, dealing with the mind, yoga research, meditation and many more.

Teachings of Swami SatyanandaVolume 6 contains satsangs, interviews and talks on yoga and hypertension, revitalizing the nervous system, exoteric and esoteric yoga, transcending karma, tattwa shuddhi, attachment, Bhagavad Gita, death, destiny, freewill, incarnation, guilt, jealousy, responsibility, truth and many others.

  • Soft cover, (vols 1-4 English & Hindi)
  • Vol 1, 414 pp, ISBN 81-85787-02-6
  • Vol 2, 350 pp, ISBN 81-85787-03-4
  • Vol 3, 386 pp, ISBN 81-85787-04-2
  • Vol 4, 350 pp, Vol 5, 536 pp
  • Vol 6, 420 pp, Soft cover, ISBN 81-85787-07-7



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