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Gurukul Lifestyle Course

From February to October, a nine-month Gurukul Lifestyle Course was conducted for 18 participants from Australia, Bulgaria, India, Iran, New Zealand, Serbia and South Korea.

Yogic Science and Lifestyle Course

From June to August, 17 participants successfully completed the three-month Yogic Science and Lifestyle Course (Hindi). They represented the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan UP and Uttarakhand, and Nepal. Sannyasi Soumyashakti gave daily classes on APMB, meditation and yoga nidra. Lectures on the various topics of the science of yoga were delivered by Swamis Gyanbhikshu and Nirmalananda.


From 5th to 9th November, a yoga camp was held at Navayuga Engineering Company Ltd., at NTPC, Barh. Managers and their families attended classes and satsang conducted by Swami Gyanbhikshu who was assisted by Bal Yogesh of YYMM.

Musical delight

From 26th to 28th August, Ganga Darshan was under the spell of Prahlad Singh Tipanya, who enchanted all as he combined singing and explanation of Kabir bhajans in the folk style of the Malwa region of Madhya Pradesh. Not mere entertaining music, his concerts were deep engagements with the spiritual and social thought of Kabir.

On the last night, Krishna Janmashtami, the children of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal joined in with singing kirtan. Kumar Satvik (10-years-old) and Kumari Aahuti (8-years-old) from Delhi held the audience spellbound with their beautiful rendering of classical Indian bhajans. Swami Niranjan concluded the program with an uplifting kirtan.

Sri Lakshmi-Narayana Mahayajna

From 8th to 12th September, Paduka Darshan Ashram, the seat of Sannyasa Peeth was host to the annual Sri Lakshmi-Narayana Mahayajna with the splendour of a new stage, mandap, and baithaki for Lakshmi-Narayana. Swami Satsangi graced the yajna with her presence and pandits from Trayambakeshwar conducted pooja, havan and aradhana. In the mornings, Krishna Devi from Bhagalpur delighted all with Bhagavat Katha. On 9th September, Ganesh Chaturthi was celebrated. The breaking of 108 coconuts by 108 guests, sannyasa trainees and residents symbolized the breaking of the hard shell of one's ego.

On the third day, Lakshmi and Vishnu sahasrarchan was conducted during which 1,000 guests offered sindoor, tulsi leaves and rice. On the following day a special Ganga arati was performed by a group of local pandits. On 12th September, in memory of Swami Dharmashakti, the akhand Ramayana was chanted by the Ramayana Mandali, Munger, at the Akhara. At Paduka Darshan, poornahuti was followed by celebrations of Sri Swami Satyananda's sannyas diwas. Swamiji and Swami Satsangi conducted havan, before kirtan and song concluded the day and yajna.

A spirit of joy reigned throughout the yajna which was attended by 1,500 guests and visitors, and many local Munger residents came to participate wholeheartedly.

In the evenings, Yajnashala became the scene of artistic performance. On 8th September, sannyasa trainees presented their tribute to Swami Sivananda by singing his favourite songs. This was followed by a classical Odissi dance performance. On 9th September, Rudrabhisheka was performed by pandits which was followed by Akhara darshan. On 10th September, the sannyasa trainees performed a dance-drama based on the book Jonathan Livingston Seagull, paying tribute to Swami Niranjan.

The next evening, the children of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal presented classical Indian and modern dance to a charmed audience. This was followed by darshan of Satyam Vatika.

YYMM Foundation Day

On 2nd October 2000, Swami Niranjan founded the Yuva Yoga Mitra Mandal (Youth Yoga Fellowship). The 13th foundation day of the fellowship was celebrated at Paduka Darshan from 8 to 10 am with great joy and enthusiasm. The entire event was managed by the youths of YYMM who set up the venue, seated the guests and conducted bhajan, kirtan and havan. Swami Suryaprakash spoke on the three cardinal goals given to YYMM by Swamiji: yoga, seva and samarpan. In his address, Swami Shankarananda reminded the youths and their guardians about the true purpose of human life.

In his satsang, Swamiji highlighted the two flourishing yoga movements that have originated in Munger, the children's and the youth's, and informed everyone about the yeoman service that the youths have rendered in different parts of the country including the earthquake-ravaged area of Bhuj. He expressed full confidence in the ability of the youth to contribute to the successful conduct of the upcoming World Yoga Convention, and ended his address by assuring the assembled parents and guardians that their wards would definitely shine in life and be the torch bearers and ambassadors of a yogic culture.

The program was attended by over 750 members of YYMM and over 800 parents and family members who received special prasad on the occasion.

World Yoga Convention 2013 and Golden Jubilee Celebrations
of Bihar School of Yoga

From 23rd to 27th October, the town of Munger was host to the World Yoga Convention at the Polo Ground, and the Golden Jubilee celebrations of the Bihar School of Yoga were held and celebrated at Ganga Darshan. Swami Niranjanananda was ever present, inspiring and guiding the proceedings with humour, clarity and a deep understanding of the challenge Satyananda Yoga has to face in times to come. Swami Satyasangananda graced the function with her presence and enlightening satsangs. Saints, acharyas from various traditions and eminent scholars spoke on topics related to yoga and spiritual life. The programs were attended by 20,000 delegates from 56 countries and 23 states of India. At the same time, 15,000 people from 76 countries watched the WYC live via the internet.

Workshops were held both at the Polo Ground and at Ganga Darshan.

Swami Girishananda from Saket Dham Ashram, Jabalpur, MP, delighted all with his rendering of the episode of the nine yogeshwaras from the Srimad Bhagavat Purana.

At the ashram, acharyas from Varanasi performed havan at Satyam Udyan (Akhara), throughout the five days, and people could share in the beautiful creative energies.

A feature film on the life and teachings of Sri Swami Satyananda was shown, and Yoga Drishti, a 5D theatre experience of the ascent of the kundalini, was inaugurated. From six in the morning to six in the evening, kirtans were sung at the amphitheatre by groups from different countries and states of India. The Car Park turned into an open-air theatre where dance, song and drama were dedicated to the lives of the masters of the Satyananda Yoga tradition.

In the pandal of Satyam Yoga Prasad, all delegates were invited to choose from the hundreds of book, CD and DVD titles produced by BSY.

Over 300 aspirants received mantra diksha, over 200 jignasu and over 1 50 karma sannyasa diksha.

At Paduka Darshan over 5,000 national delegates had three meals a day.

Apart from the ashram sevaks, a team of over 300 children of Bal Yoga Mitra Mandal and 600 youth of Yuva Yoga Mitra Mandal had the task of directing and assisting in every area of the event, which they accomplished with skill and grace.


On 3rd November, Diwali was celebrated in Ganga Darshan. At the amphitheatre, havan was conducted followed by singing of kirtan and bhajan, a fire dance and and fireworks. Swami Niranjan spoke on the significance of Diwali 'the festival of the light of hope'. Ganga Darshan was shining bright in the light of thousands of candles and the beautifully lit Akhara charmed all as they came for darshan.

Yoga Poornima

On 17th December, the occasion of Yoga Poornima, a program of havan, bhajan and kirtan was conducted by the sannyasins of Ganga Darshan in Jyoti Mandir to celebrate the birthday of Swami Satyananda.

National Integration Shivir of Nehru Yuva Kendra

On 22nd December, over 200 youths from eight states of India, participating in the National Integration Shivir of Nehru Yuva Kendra, visited Ganga Darshan. Swami Gyanbikshu gave an address on the tradition of Satyananda Yoga and its holistic nature. All were given the unique experience of the 5D theatre, Yoga Drishti.


On 25th December, Christmas was celebrated at Ganga Darshan. The morning program of havan, bhajan and kirtan dedicated to Jesus Christ and Swami Satyananda was held in Jyoti Mandir. In the evening, uplifting Christmas carols and songs were presented by a choir of residents, sannyasa trainees and guests of the ashram. In remembrance of Swami Satyananda's birthday, the program concluded with the screening of part one of the feature film, Satyam.

Ganga Darshan Events and Courses 2014

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Ganga Darshan Events

Date Event
Jul 12 Guru Paduka Poojan during Guru Poornima
Sep 8 Honouring Janmotsava of Sri Swami Sivananda
Sep 12 Honouring Sannyasa Diwas of Sri Swami Satyananda
Dec 25 Celebration of Swami Satyananda Birthday

Ganga Darshan Courses

Date Course
Apr 3–20 Yoga Health Management Course – Diabetes (Hindi)
Jun 1 – Jul 25 Orientation in Yogic Science & Lifestyle, 2 months (Hindi)
Jun 1 – Aug 25 Yogic Science & Lifestyle Course, 3 months (Hindi)
Aug 2014 – May 2015 Diploma in Yogic Studies Course, 1 year (English)
Aug 1-21 Teachers Training Course (English)
Aug 3-20 Yoga Health Management Course – Arthritis & Spinal (Hindi)
Sep 3–20 Yoga Health Management Course – General (Hindi)
Oct 1 – Jan 25 Yogic Studies Course, 4 months (English)


Sannyasa Peeth Events

Sannyasa Peeth was established by Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati on 6 December 2010, to fulfil the third mission and vision of his Guru, Sri Swami Satyananda Saraswati.

In the modern context sannyasa has to be interpreted in a practical, logical and systematic way. The purpose of sannyasa is to cultivate and to live the higher spiritual qualities.

Sannyasa Peeth will provide an opportunity for sincere aspirants to imbibe the right samskara, be exposed to traditional sadhanas and learn to apply teachings by adhering to an alternative spiritual lifestyle based on the principles and disciplines of sannyasa.

Sannyasa Peeth will be conducting various events and programs for the benefit of spiritual seekers, aspirants and devotees.

Gurukul Lifestyle/Sannyasa Courses

In 2014 two fully residential 6 months Gurukul Lifestyle courses will be conducted from:

  • 1st February 2014 to 25th July 2014
  • 1st August 2014 to 25th January 2015.

For more information please see the activities page.


For further details regarding the above events and courses please visit the Main Ashrams web site here>



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