High on Waves

It is you great mother who comforts me
in moments of trouble and despair,
consoles me when I am confused and in doubt,
guides me when I ask for your advice and strength.
You shower me daily with gifts of love,
never punishing me when my ignorance and egoism
prevent me from acknowledging them.
Unmanifest and manifest you are everywhere.
Your helpers are numerous, your work endless,
You are the sustainer of balance
in this earthly kingdom.
You give, you create the new and dissolve the old -
not in anger but according to law,
with great strength and destructive power.
As celestial goddess you regulate the course
of heavenly bodies and control the seasons.
As universal mother you symbolise fertility,
influencing the world of humans and animals
and the kingdom of plants.
Your names and forms are numerous,
for all came from you.
Those of yore prayed to you for protection in battle,
at sea, and when they journeyed far
from their native lands,
knowing you to be universal and free.
You dwell within all as prana and kundalini.
You are the fuel for growth and action,
the dynamic serpent power that few have awakened
but many seek.
With Brahma you are merged as one,
He is consciousness and you are energy.
He is guru and you are disciple,
yet you are guru and he is disciple.
Free of self, ego and personal desire,
You perform every act in his service.
This makes you naught but an extension of him.
Oh great mother, may I be like you.
May I always remember your love and devotion,
your strength and purity of mind
that makes you the greatest disciple of all time.