January 2009

The teachings of Swami Sivananda will be presented in Yoga during the year 2009. In the current issue, he guides aspirants on the basics of living a spiritual life.

High on Waves

New Year Message

Practise Integral Yoga

Twenty Important Spiritual Instructions

May I Answer That?

Yama & Niyama: The Path of Ethical Discipline

Basic Guidelines for Yogic Practices

Eating to Support Your Sadhana

Purify Your Heart

Signs of Spiritual Growth

Yoga in Daily Life

March 2009

This issue of Yoga is dedicated to the activities of Sivananda Math, Rikhiapeeth, including Sat Chandi Mahayajna and Yoga Poornima 2008.

High on Waves

Activities of Sivananda Math: Rikhiapeeth 2008

Annapurna Kshetram Kanya Kitchen

Activities of Sivananda Datavya Chikitsalaya in Year 2008

Devi Prasad

Give, Give, Give!

The Evolution of Yajna at Rikhiapeeth

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Yoga Poornima: Journey into Luminosity

Swami Suryaprakash Saraswati