High on Waves

Swami Satyaprasad Saraswati

I was disliked and hated,
That is why I craved your love, sympathy and compassion.
To extinguish that thirst,
I crossed the boundaries of body, mind and intellect.
Facing life and death, hunger, thirst,
Heat and cold, pain and suffering,
I explored every nook and corner to kill my ego.
I rolled in the sands of the burning ghats,
To win the love of the unsatisfied souls.
I feared the divine would not accept my humble offering,
So I tried to expand it, but to no avail.
Now, at last, I feel I have a little love,
And some compassion, to dedicate to the divine.

I was deep in slumber when you aroused me.
I came to you with hope,
But when I knocked on your door,
You remained silent and aloof.

Hopelessness and sorrow assailed me.
But night passed, and with the coming of dawn,
My ignorance and darkness vanished.
There, within the flood of light,
I saw your universal form -
Kali, Durga, Chandi, Saraswati, Devi, Ma.
With extended arms you drew me to your breast
To dip me in the ocean of your joy.
I placed my head on your lap, like an innocent child,
And instantly was charged with love sublime.
Within that moment of transmission,
I remembered my resolve, my mantra,
My initiation, my Guru and my Goal.