Research into the Phenomenon of Kundalini

Prepared by The Kundalini Research Association International (Indian Chapter) George Tompkins, President - Based on the life experiences, writings and revelatory disclosures of the late Pandit Gopi Krishna, who died in 1984.


Life is planned, has a purpose and is programmed to experience a predetermined target of human evolution. The brain is still in a state of organic evolution unknown to science at this time. This evolution towards higher dimensions of consciousness is occurring through the instrumentality of a psycho-physiological (mind/body) power reservoir in the human body known as Kundalini. The arousal of Kundalini leads to certain biological changes in the system and ultimately to the manifestation of higher dimensions of consciousness which we call mystical consciousness or enlightenment.

Evolution proceeds from generation to generation in an imperceptible manner, except at periods when the continuous application of concentration either on spiritual or secular objects by previous and current generations accelerates this process. At present, each succeeding generation is evolving in quantum leaps. The force of concentration acts as a lever to release psychic energy which increases the tempo of the brain's evolution. Observe very young children of today and the outward evidence of accelerated evolution becomes apparent. These evolutionary advances are currently beyond the probe of modern science.

Kundalini rests dormant at the base of the spine and then, due to the exercise of certain disciplines, devotion to the Divine, appropriate heredity or Her Grace, she awakens. Her ultimate purpose is to activate silent chambers in the brain giving expression to new modes of cognition far superior to the intellect. Here we are dealing with a Divine Power centre in man designed to lead him to a knowledge of his own immortal, super-earthly nature by a process of sifting, purification and biological remodelling, which ordinarily might take hundreds, even thousands of years.

The whole matter boils down to this: the human brain as a result of evolution has now the capacity to exhibit another kind of consciousness, which can know itself or, in other words, become conscious of consciousness, look beyond space and time. This state of being is the predetermined target of human evolution.

The Kundalini Project

Scientific research is currently being organised to prove this hypothesis and that Kundalini is also responsible for genius, all extraordinary talents, psychic abilities and, in its morbid state certain forms of insanity. One hundred and fifty candidates selected from a, wide variety of cultures and countries will spend five years in one environment in India for the purpose of participating in disciplines designed to awaken Kundalini. These subjects will be monitored by a team of scientists using the most advanced scientific instruments and procedures as a continuous record of the biological, psychological, and mental changes which occur upon the awakening of this divine energy.

The goal is to demonstrate, in a few of these subjects, transformation into the next level of evolution, from human to trans-human consciousness. The solemn task in front of us is to provide empirical evidence for the basic reality of illumination. Currently it is impossible to scientifically validate transcendent states of consciousness. We will begin building a data base of those candidates who claim such states and compare characteristics and experiences with the descriptions of the ancient and contemporary masters to prove the commonality of the experience. We will document the extraordinary mental transformations which occur in the process of reaching states of transcendence.

The goal is to empirically demonstrate that genius can be cultivated once Kundalini is fully awakened. Science currently takes the position that the development of enhanced intellectual powers and genius in one who is not endowed with them from birth is impossible because of the hereditary factors involved, depending on the nature of the genes. It is sufficient to say that it is exactly at this aspect of the Kundalini Project that the possibility of objective demonstration lies in its most dramatic form. Once validated, this discovery in human potential will be a milestone in the history of science and will result in changing its current concept of mind and matter.

India has produced a host of saints, seers and sages who were living examples of this metamorphosis as advanced species of the evolutionary process. Many of these enlightened beings were uneducated yet were the recipients of new knowledge and creative talents in a wide variety of subjects ranging from languages, art, music, history, science, etc., as an endowment of enhanced mental capacities via modes of cognition not yet recognised by modern science. This research is therefore dedicated to these lofty spiritual and mental giants who represent the spiritual heritage of India as the soul of the Kundalini Project.

Once evolution toward higher dimensions of consciousness is scientifically validated the people of India will awaken to the great glory of their land and science will awaken to recognise the Divine possibilities in man. We will then truly validate the high purpose of all great avatars, prophets and saints, as recognition that common Divinity in everyone was their primary message. They also came to teach us how to live by revealing the codes of conduct required to harmonise with this inner process of evolution leading to knowledge of the Self.

With the discovery of Spiritual Law science is to act as a unifying principle between all faiths of mankind and bring them together for the common goal of spiritual awareness. Spirituality will be the future science and science will be its instrument to bring the goal of evolution within the easy reach of every human being. The Kundalini Project is a pioneering entry into this new science.

Spritual Law

Evolution towards higher dimensions of consciousness is ruled by Spiritual Law still unknown to mankind and it is the violation of this Law which is at the back of the present explosive situation in the world. In the past we have lost fourteen civilisations at the zenith of their accomplishments due to moral and spiritual breakdown which violated this Law. Their achievements are scattered all over the earth. They have already paid the forfeit for their ignorance of the Almighty Law. Our civilisation will follow the same course if science continues to ignore the fact that spiritual evolution is the real goal of life.

The disproportion between developed intellects on one side of man and underdeveloped spiritual attitudes and expressions on the other side creates under Law conditions to either change or eliminate the social structure responsible for this lopsided growth. It is the collective consciousness of the race which determines these changes to ensure a continued healthy evolution of the race. It is true we are our own judge and jury both individually and collectively. The Laws of Heaven operate in such a way that the mortal himself rewards, punishes, absolves or convicts himself. If the evolutionary process were to continue in an aberrant direction humanity would produce children whom, though highly intelligent, would possess evil tendencies rather than those of benign qualities. Eventually we would produce evil monsters who were geniuses. Nature will never move backwards and let millions of years of evolution turn opposite to her goal.

This morbid development in the evolutionary process always results in periods of upheaval and chaos. We are currently repeating the transgression of the past. Man has developed as intellectual giants who are also spiritual pigmies with a dwarfed moral conscience. Nature has set a limit to the extent to which man's immoderate lust for earthly pleasures and possessions can go. Beyond that he must either overmaster it or fall. At the present height of man's evolution, immoderate passion and desire resulting in the concentration of power and wealth in a few imperfectly disciplined or ambitious hands can be disastrous, and act as a serious impediment in the evolution of the race as a whole.

The ominous signs of the harvest resulting from the continued violation of these conditions are plain to see. The alarming proportion of mentally disordered patients in the clinics of advanced countries and even in other parts of the world is a grim reminder of this unwholesome crop. If we add to this already heavy count the no less large number of drug-addicts, alcoholics, sex-perverts, habitual gamblers, criminals, murderers, terrorists, tricksters, borderline cases, paranoids, neurotics, degenerates, dropouts and morons, it would make the proportion so huge as to create serious apprehension about the future of the society. It seems as if mankind has gained control over physical ailments to sink into the morass of mental disorders. It has escaped the frying pan of bodily illness to plunge into the fire of mental disease.

This is an appalling situation! Our science, our technology, our planned cities, hygiene, speedy transport, electric lighting and all the amenities and luxuries of modern life have not helped to reduce the incidence of mental derangement. On the other hand, on account of the tension and pressure involved in maintaining too high a standard of life, they may have actually added to it. All these luxuries have not, in the toast, helped to diminish crime, violence, craving for alcohol or drugs or other evil propensities in human beings. The advancement of the intellect has not been attended by a corresponding improvement in moral standards or in the elevation of moral character. This stunted growth in a nuclear age is filled with treachery which can reverberate for centuries. Therefore, under Spiritual Law the cosmic forces are currently gathering ft* an initial change of our unhealthy social order as a portent of the shape of events to come. The arrogance of man will once again force him to his knees to petition his Creator.

Man is ordained to know himself. Any mode of life and any environment created by him through his own ignorance of the Law, which stands in the way of his progress on the path to self-knowledge, will be brushed aside by Nature, as a flood sweeps aside any obstruction standing in its way. The revolutions that have occurred in the past in the social, political or spiritual life of mankind, all bear witness to this important truth. No power can stand against or resist these cataclysms. It is only when the Law is discovered that the social, political and spiritual revolutions, necessary to conform to the demands of evolution, will be effected by the leading minds of the race without violence or bloodshed.

Humanity has still to realise the great paradox that we are both free and bound at the same time. In the millennium to come we are meant to become Gods on other planets. This is the great potential of our Divinity.

The Prize of Life

The human mind is so constituted that no treasure on earth can assuage its burning fever seeking an explanation for its own existence. All the weight of this inscrutable mystery, all the suffering of the harrowing ascent of evolution, all the pain felt at the injustice and misery in the world, all the disappointment of shattered dreams and broken hopes, all the anguish of eternal partings from near and dear ones, and all the fear of ill-health, decay and death vanish like vapour at the rise of the inner Sun, at the recognition of the inmost Self, beyond thought, beyond doubt, beyond pain, beyond mortality which, once perceived illumines the darkness of the night, leaving man transformed with but one glimpse of the inexpressible splendour and glory of the spiritual world.