High on Waves

Jigyasu Chintan

Through the hazy dust and faded green
Loom the cleanest walls I've ever seen,
And faces from all parts of the world
Reflect the glow of Rikhia's pearl.


Rikhia – a gem embedded in India,
No wonder you tempted Sri Aurobindo,
And now the benign Swami Satyananda
Sits beaming on his thatched verandah.


Ram Naam – sweet sounds fill the air
And filter through to Lord Shiva's lair,
Hearing Ram's name he opens one eye
To view the affair from his seat in the sky.


A fierce tiger guards the great yogi's seat,
Seemingly quiet at Gurudev's feet,
But of tigers (and even of gurus) they say,
'Sit well back – just in case!'


Dancers grace the golden stage
Enticing the Lords to arise and play,
Rama, Shiva, Krishna – come!
We offer our dance to the rhythm of the drum.


And when the day melts into night,
When evening sings her lullaby,
I rest awhile 'neath a sky of calm
Hearing echoes of the great Ram Naam.