Darshan of Sri Swamiji

Be a Witness

As long as you are aware of somebody or something, it exists, but when you are not aware of it, it does not exist and you are not concerned about it. If the feeling comes to your mind that something or someone is negative or wrong, it is because of your mental weakness or mental perception. You have to correct your mental perception rather than anything else. In order to correct your mental perception, you have to leave the situation for some time, and then look at it as a witness, a seer, an observer, a perceiver, not as a participant. When you have become a witness, you will see everything in the right perspective. When you are a witness, you can see correctly, but when you are involved, you don’t know what is right or wrong, positive or negative.

To leave a situation is very difficult. There is a true story about Ramana Maharshi. One day when he was a boy, he was lying down and he suddenly felt he was dead. Then another person came to his mind: “But who knows that I am dead? Who is witnessing me as dead?” He discovered another aspect of his personality called the witness. In order to search for that witness, he left home. Ramana Maharishi is the sage of my time. I lived in his ashram for some time. To anybody who went to him or asked him a question, he would say, “Be a witness to everything in life and you will not be affected by it.” Remain a witness. Now, you are witnessing what I am saying. That is being the witness. That is how you have to live your life.

It is no use tackling the problems of life with a confused mind. Just as a partially blind driver cannot drive a car, in the same way a confused mind cannot solve the problems of its own life. First you should be free of confusion and have a straight way of life. There should be no confusion. I am clear, clarity has come to my mind. It happens to everyone.