Bihar School of Yoga Courses

In ancient times, it was the rishis, the sadhus and sannyasins who became the teachers. They established schools of learning called gurukul. In these gurukul, material subjects as well as spiritual subjects were taught to the aspirants and students, so that the students at the completion of twelve years of living with the guru in the ashram go through a process of learning which gave them the skills to survive in society and at the same time the ability to manage their mental behaviour. Until about one thousand years ago, the tradition of gurukul was very strong in India.

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

Due to the preparations for the World Yoga Convention, the Bihar School of Yoga did not offer any of the regular courses, except for two courses:

Gurukul Lifestyle Course

From February to October, a nine-month gurukul course was conducted for 18 participants from Australia, Bulgaria, India, Iran, New Zealand, Serbia and South Korea.

Yogic Science and Lifestyle Course

From June to August, 17 participants successfully completed the three-month Yogic Lifestyle and Sadhana Course. They represented the states of Bihar, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, UP, Uttarakhand and Nepal. Swami Soumyashakti gave daily classes on APMB and was assisted by sannyasa trainees. Lectures on the various topics of the science of yoga were delivered by Swamis Gyanbhikshu and Nirmalananda.

General Course

From 5th to 12th July, a group of 18 IRMEE staff membres visited Ganga Darshan for yoga training. Morning classes were conducted by Swami Atmabhishek, yoga nidra and meditation classes by Sannyasi Soumyashakti and satsang were given by Swamis Gyanbhikshu, Nirmalananda, Shankarananda and Taponidhi. The group participated wholeheartedly in the various ashram activities.