Immersed in the Ocean of Divinity

Sannyasi Sivadhara, Goa

How do I begin to express the exhilarating ocean of divine magic in which we have all been immersed?

I did not have the slightest inkling of the treasures that would reveal their magic, the vistas that would unfold before our very eyes! Guru's grace had taken us on journeys, within and without, traversing uncharted territories. It had led us through a divine reality we could not have believed possible and in which we found ourselves undeniably present.

A symphony composed down to the smallest note by the Pied Piper who saw and heard it all through his divine vision. As his magic flute played the opening notes, drawing the multitudes who flocked to join the swelling river, it gathered momentum and flowed along its predestined course, culminating in the ocean of Satyananda Yoga, which came to life in Munger for five magical days in October 2013. The waves of this Kumbha Mela of yoga flowed over visible horizons and beyond, even bathing distant shores through cyber waves – a global immersion, not just a world convention but a Global Comm-Union with Yoga!

Flag flying high in Munger, the City of Yoga

The flag of yoga that Sri Swamiji hoisted above the city of Munger fifty years ago was flying high, tall and proud for the whole world to gaze upon in wonder!

The flag fluttered in the breeze like the dhvaja that is raised above the venue of a yajna, inviting all to come and partake of the blessings. For it was a yajna indeed, celebrating the victorious achievements of the 'Emperor of Hearts'!

Months of meticulous planning covered every possible area that would be needed from the infrastructure within the ashram – accommodation, food, water, electricity – to the actual details of the Convention, the list is endless and boggles the mind. Yet when Guru is at the helm of the ship, it sails through the stormy seas and makes a triumphant entry into the harbour, pennants flying high!

As many thousand people, like tiny little streams and rivulets growing into mighty rivers, poured into the ocean of Satyananda Yoga, it was a return to the Source as well. People had come together to offer their tributes at the feet of the gurus, the lineage and the living tradition; to learn and grow and forge ever onward along the Magical Mystical Mystery Tour that is Satyananda Yoga.

Hive of divine activity

Powerful tantric ceremonies in Akhara were conducted by learned acharyas from Varanasi, who invoked cosmic powers to descend and shower their blessings upon everyone. Joyous kirtan from the amphitheatre in Satyam Vatika rang out from six in the morning to six in the evening. Nestling within the park of Satyam Vatika is the Yoga Drishti 5D theatre, a perfect example of the coming together of the old and the new. The essence of the ancient wisdom of kundalini shakti distilled and brought alive into a living experience through an ingenious blend of modern state-of-the-art technology. The akshayapatra and kalpataru of Satyam Yoga Prasad was the source of the Guru Jnana Ganga, which flowed forth in unparalleled abundance in the form of hundreds of books, CDs and DVDs. Satyam Darshan was the theatre where the biographical film on Sri Swamiji's life and work that was specially made, in record time, for this occasion was screened twice a day.

Divine blessings all around

Devi Annapoorna presided over both the kitchens' set up in Yoga Vidya, and Paduka Darshan on the banks of Mother Ganga. The spirit of service spread wide, and people were moved by the smooth and dignified manner that marked the cooking and serving of prasad to thousands. Lord Narayana sent His blessings in the form of maha prasad from the Jagannath Temple in Puri that each one partook of on the very first day....and divine blessings poured in!

An air of calm and respectful dignity was all around. The serpentine queues with thousands waiting patiently and peacefully to reach their places.

For me, the crowning glory was when Guruji made his request and prayer that implored us to yoke ourselves to the mandate of 'maintaining the bridge' built by the first faithful band of Sri Swamiji's sannyasins. He was their Lord Rama and they were his devoted monkeys and bears, squirrels too! He gave us the mandate to maintain this beautiful bridge in its pure and pristine state so that when the masters return from the far dimensions and walk this earth again, they can proudly stride back across this shining living monument which has been faithfully tended by their followers.

Part of guru's colourful mosaic

For every person who has been part of this unique experience, through the challenges and triumphs, tests and trials, he has given us the gift of an opportunity that comes but once in a lifetime yet abides within us forever.

The outpourings of creative expression in words, music, dance, relentless hard work both physical and otherwise that are offered up to him are but a miniscule representation of the depth and magnitude of gratitude and love that fill our hearts.

Thank you, Guruji. And as you stride ahead along the path set before you, we pray to all the gurus and the Almighty that they may continue to shine their grace and glory upon you, to bestow their abiding blessings on all your efforts. "Hari Om, Swamiji!"