Celebration of Life and Yoga

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

We have to come to the third day of the World Yoga Convention, which is being celebrated and conducted on the occasion of the Golden Jubilee of the Bihar School of Yoga. Over the last two days we have been celebrating life and we have been celebrating yoga, in both its grossest and highest sense, at both the physical and spiritual levels. Therefore, this Convention is a celebration of life and yoga. We are participating in it, many special events are occurring, and many unseen hands are guiding the events of this Convention.

The data from last evening indicates that 5,000 people from 60 countries watched the live proceedings of the Convention on their iPads, mobiles and computers. That is 5,000 people outside India, and if we add this data to our Convention participants, the number is even higher.

Even prakriti, nature, has been very benevolent and kind. Narayanahas also been very benevolent and kind. Yesterday, after Swami Satsangi left the havan, she came out of her room to the balcony and found that she was surrounded by over fifty eagles, all hovering only five or ten feet above the sixth floor in Ganga Darshan. It is as if Narayana is watching over everything, protecting everything. This flock of eagles moves from point to point throughout the ashram where programs are being held. They hover over an area, doing their parikrama, and then they move to the next point. They have been doing continuous parikrama, especially of the havan area, where rare and special havans are taking place. These havans were started by Sri Swamiji in 1973 and they are the havans of the World Yoga Convention; they continued in 1993, and the same special havans continue during this Convention.

The birds indicate that even nature is joyous. Nature's joy can be seen all around the ashram. Last night, as Swami Satsangi and I were walking after the evening performance, we noticed that the Kamini trees were laden with beautiful white flowers, yet the day before they did not exist. The day before yesterday, all the trees were filled with green leaves only and not a single flower, but yesterday they were covered with white flowers. Also, the mango trees in the ashram have grown mangoes out of season. All the mango trees in the Akhara where the havan is being conducted are bearing fruit. When you go there, take a look. Where the vibrations are auspicious, nature also becomes auspicious. That is the grace of unity, and unity represents connection with the guru tattwa and the Paramatma tattwa, the highest tattwa.

During this Convention, Munger has created history. In this small Indian town, something is happening that no one in the country or even in the world has ever witnessed: children, professionals, sannyasins, intellectuals, everyone is gathering to sing kirtan. People from Kazakhstan, people from Argentina, people from Australia, India, England, China, Japan, Korea are all together and singing kirtan. Tell me, where do you see this unity? It has never happened anywhere before, neither in India, nor in the world.

The presentation of the dance-drama, 'Yoga Chaitanya', by the artists from Chennai that you witnessed yesterday was also a blend of art, dance and music to depict the life of Sri Swamiji. Today, there will be another presentation dedicated to our paramguru,Sri Swami Sivananda, created by the students of the sannyasa training course which I am sure you will find very inspirational.

The Yoga App is now being downloaded by many people who have received the address. When they download it, they come and show me, telling me, "Swamiji, look, we have downloaded the App and we love it." It makes me happy that the efforts of the sannyasins, karma sannyasins and sannyasa trainees have borne fruit, and that you have accepted their offerings gratefully and gracefully, so I thank you.

The highlight of this Convention is the full-length feature film on the life of Sri Swamiji, which was prepared in record time. Some of you have seen it yesterday, and when I asked, "How was it?" you simply floated away from my sight without answering anything. Everyone leaving the theatre was so blissed out that the radiance of their bodies spoke everything that they felt.

Welcome Address, 25 October 2013, Polo Ground, Munger