The Aim of Your Teaching

From May I Answer That, Swami Sivananda Saraswati

In my work of spreading the knowledge of yoga, do you have any special advice to give me?

Side by side with instructions on practical yogic processes, place always stress upon the great importance of sadachara, right conduct, yama and niyama. Inspire the students with noble idealism. Spur them on to strive for a life of lofty virtue, active goodness and selflessness. You must stress the need for self-purification and self-mastery.

The true inner yoga is the transformation of the essential nature of man. The lower human nature should gradually give place to an illumined divine nature through a process of spiritualization of the entire being of man. This should be brought home in an effective manner, yet with great sympathy, understanding and insight. The aim is to attain divine consciousness.