Yoga the Right Choice

Tanya Boicheva, Bulgaria

With the practice of yoga, I began to know myself better and to trust my intuition. Yoga helps me to accept myself and other people as they are without judging. I do not always succeed, but I try. Yoga gave me the belief that everything that happens in my life is for my own good. I am not so stressed anymore and I take things much more calmly. I am rarely worried and insecure.

By nature, I am not very flexible, but yoga has made me much more so - I am even surprised at how well I am doing when performing asanas - and that gives me self-esteem. I have problems with blood pressure and I have to take pills. Yoga helps me despite this to feel complete. Yoga taught me to breathe properly as if my chest is open. This is an unparalleled pleasure especially in the mountains! I also have narrowing of the spinal canal in the neck area. Sometimes I had severe pains. Yoga saved me from this. It helped me so much to feel good and not to think so much of the bad diagnosis. I feel my spine much more steady - the muscles have become stronger and my body posture is better.

Yoga has gradually changed my way of life. I already eat in a healthier way, I participate in sports more often and I accept life as an invaluable gift from God. Yoga teaches me love, awareness, humility, tranquillity, gratitude and peace. Yoga for me is a way of life, purity of mind and body, gratitude to everything, harmony and transformation.

I know I've chosen the right way for me to live.