Yoga Helped Me

Light and yoga

I started to practise yoga in 2010. Slowly the changes in my life started to happen.

I stopped eating meat, I stopped drinking alcohol, I drank less coffee and I stopped chewing gum. Passion transformed into divine love towards a woman who I met. I stopped watching TV.

I met positive people and moved far away from negative people, negative influences and tendencies. I felt even in the beginning a divine force, like a light and protection in my life.

Yoga helped me to come out of deep depression and despondency. I felt blissful and happy and in many ways open and full with light. A chain of small miracles happened and I started to feel protected and having wings. I could not believe that so beautiful things could happen to me and I am very thankful for all of this. I feel a new divine strength in my life.

Chaitanyadeva, Bulgaria

What yoga gave me

With yoga I became calmer and a better person. More and more I put myself in the place of the person in front of me and I try to understand his position or to accept it as it is, without commentary. I always try to help if I can and share my knowledge and experience. Sometimes I notice the signs, which the universe sends to us (not every time at the first glance).

I learned to do everything with the maximum of my abilities, which I have at the moment and I rarely think for the result. Often I ask myself what stage have I reached regarding expectations and desires. Sometimes I say some bad words to my self and others, but I quickly understand this and take back my words.

Yoga helped me to manage three slipped discs, to overcome three years of depression and to enjoy life as it is. I can do more and I continue to search and discover myself again. I try to change myself so I can love myself more and I try to discover the divine spark of goodness in everybody and to be aware that 'I am You and You are I'.

For all this I am thankful to my teachers - for the knowledge, patience and inspiration which they give us.

Atma Jaya, Bulgaria