Dive Deep

Swami Niranjanananda Saraswati

The yogic concept as being propagated now goes beyond asana, pranayama, hatha yoga and other yogas. Yoga is too deep and too sacred a subject. It is a way of transforming the totality of life. Once you dive in and immerse yourself in water, no part of the body remains dry, not even a single strand of hair. Likewise, if you dive into yoga then even your hair will become enlightened. The consciousness in your hair will vibrate with happiness and joy. However, you must have the level of understanding that yoga is not simply asana, pranayama, ajapa japa, chidakasha dharana, prana vidya, nada yoga. Separately, they are like candy in the mouths of little children. Yoga must be understood in its entirety.

Yoga should be used as the tool to enlarge the scope of your understanding and to deepen the awareness of how you can develop your own spiritual life. Using the awareness gained from yoga, one can learn to manage the enemies of the mind and begin the spiritual journey towards living the divine life, the discovery of truth.

9 March 2011, Ganga Darshan, Munger