Stop Thinking, Stop Wishing

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

So far, you served the world with your emotions. What after all did you get? You know it too well! Try these emotions for Him. Sing before Him! Weep only for Him! Eat in order to live for Him! Become sad because of the separation! Become unhappy just because you are away still! In short, utilize every emotion for Him — only for Him, and you will be blessed with the Divine Grace.

Spiritual life is absolutely an inner process of 'no thinking' by following a method of 'blissful thinking'.

Thinking too much over anything is not a solution. Solution lies in not thinking about it!

There are many things in life, which are solved by stopping all activities of body and mind!

There are many things in life, which become knotty problems by trying to solve them.

My experience is that most of the things would go smoothly if only we stopped wishing for them.