10 Years Later, Bombay – Before the World Tour

Swami Dharmashakti Saraswati

The train reached Bombay in the evening of 15th February 1968. We were lodged in a palace like mansion on the seashore. The seven storeyed building had offices and a hotel on the upper floors, while the lower floors were used for meetings, marriages and other such functions. The venue for the Bombay convention was the local race course, where a big marquee had been set up.

Many saints and sages graced the convention with their presence. Many national leaders also participated, including the Vice President Sri V.V. Giri, Sri Morarji Desai and others. A big convention in the financial and industrial capital of India was bound to attract people in large numbers. People were pouring into the convention venue from all parts of the city.

The people of Bombay expressed a desire to have an ashram. Space was acquired at Somaiya Building Trust (Ghatkopar) and on 22nd February 1968, the Governor of Maharashtra, Sri P.V. Cherian, laid the foundation stone for the Bombay School of Yoga. Sri Morarji Desai and Mrs Savita Ben ‘Porbander’ delivered speeches on the occasion.

The plans for Sri Swamiji’s first world tour have begun to crystallize. He is scheduled to depart on 27th April.

Published in Mere Aradhya