Feelings of Guru Poornima

Thank you for the most inspiring Guru Poornima program. It triggered a memory of how you have helped me change my destiny and blessed me to be where I am today.

One day, many years ago I was walking home feeling despondent. It was the rainy season and the road was wet and full of potholes. My mind was disturbed by the problems I was facing. I did not notice the potholes, tripped and landed unceremoniously on all fours. My knees were grazed and bleeding. I limped home, stood in front of your photo and cried for help. Suddenly I heard your voice, loud and clear, “You can change your own destiny.” In my despondency, I thought I was imagining things when your voice repeated itself, “You can change your own destiny.” It felt as if you were right in front of me.

I told you, “How? I can only see despair.” Slowly my mind calmed down and I thought of a person who could help me change my situation. I immediately called him up and he responded very positively. This led to a series of events which helped me change my destiny forever and ever.

Thank you Swamiji for picking me up again and again, every time I fall.

Sannyasi Mantrashakti, Mumbai

Thank you for making me what I am today. Dear Guru, you are my only lamp in the dark night of pain. Your thoughts, words and actions shall always remain with me as a Happy Guru Poornima. Your blessings enriched my life. May your blessings always shower on me.

Harsh Ranjan

With the auspicious day of Guru Purnima coming near I wanted to express a feeling that has been with me for some time – a feeling of deep gratitude for all the resources, classes and satsangs you are making available for us through Satyam Yoga Prasad, the online training of the Yoga Chakra and Yoga for Everyone series, and the invitation to the live streaming of events in the ashram.

In these times of isolation, turmoil and so many challenges, these resources are like clear mountain water to my thirsty being, a source of support, inspiration, positive vibration and guidance.

When I am tired and mentally overloaded, I benefit from the yoga nidras and meditations; when my heart is confused and searching, I listen to satsangs; when I need a boost in positivity and a smile, I watch the live kirtans . . . and so much more. Most of all, it helps me stay connected with the heart of the tradition, with the life of the ashram, with the spirit of guru and your guidance. It is life saving.

So, a big Thank You and a thousand pranams at your feet for all the Serve, Love and Give, the sharing and the blessings I feel in every presentation, as if everything is charged with grace and auspiciousness. I can only imagine the effort, time, dedication, sacrifice, love and compassion of many sevaks, that has been put in this endeavour. I am sending our love and gratitude to all the ashram residents, sannyasins and karma yogis. With deep gratitude and devotion.

Sannyasi Namratashakti, Bulgaria