To Live a Full Life

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

In order to live a fuller life, you will have to break the barriers of your mind and emotions. Man is a captive of his own faith. He is captive of social circumstances. How can he live a fuller life? You do not have an independent mind; you do not have an original mind. You have an indoctrinated mind. You have been brainwashed by the circumstances in which you have been living. Wherever you live, in India or South America, you cannot say you have an original mind.

Many times our mind is thinking automatically. There are many concepts which are so automatic to us. The language we know is so automatic to us, we do not have to learn it. From this you understand how much we are brainwashed and automatic, and how much our brain or personality is conditioned. As long as we are conditioned we cannot live a fuller life. We have our concept of freedom, knowledge, health, prosperity and happiness, but that is what we have been taught.

First of all, to lead a fuller life, you will have to break the mind. You will have to completely clean it up. You will have to channel your own faith. It is such a difficult thing, but once you channel your own faith, you do not know what you are going to live up to. Most people are very weak. They cannot live without a faith, without concepts and boundaries. They must have boundaries.

In order to live a fuller life, the boundaries will have to be shattered. How to break the boundaries? You have to practise yoga first and gradually come to the deeper realms of the mind. When you go into the deeper realms of the mind, you understand the reality of the universe and you know what is truth and what is not. Then you lead a fuller life.

4 January 1981, Munger, India