The Trick and Technique

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Since yoga is a tool to re-educate mental processes and harmonize conflicting mental tendencies, it won’t be out of place if I say that yoga should be taught to every student in every school and college. You have to wipe out the impression from the minds of the people, first of all your minds, that yoga is for sannyasins and not for grihasthas. This is a wrong, incorrect impression. It is a very dangerous impression and has done a lot of harm to the country.

To restructure the mind and to teach children how to develop their memory, power of concentration and anarchist behaviour, you have to bring in yoga. What have you been doing? We have just been telling our children, “Be good, do good.” You must have the trick, a technique and the way by which the mental tendencies of the child can be revived and reconstructed. How to educate the mind? The system of raja yoga has it, where the mind can be educated by the process of dharana and dhyana, concentration and meditation.