From Analogue to Digital

Sannyasi Muktamantra, Slovenia (Sannyasa Trainee)

We were a small team that became the Audio Department for two years prior to the Convention, responsible for creating the CDs that would become part of Satyam Yoga Prasad.

The actual creation of an audio CD starts with transferring the content from an ancient reel-to-reel tape to the computer. This was quite a delicate part of the job since many reels were old and the tapes snapped frequently. After the transfer, many questions arose. How to approach the restoration process? How to remove unwanted noises without removing too much of Sri Swamiji's voice? How to improve his voice? What digital tools are there to get the best out of an old recording? How to edit this vast knowledge?

Practice makes perfect and soon enough it became quite a challenge to remain concentrated on the actual work and not become absorbed in the teachings of Sri Swamiji. On a few occasions I stopped with the restoration process to sit and listen to Sri Swamiji's words. Looking at Mother Ganga flowing gently beneath the window at Paduka Darshan, while listening to satsangs, was a wonderful privilege of my seva. Days passed by quickly and we were in full Convention mode, producing as many CDs as possible.

A few months before the Convention, CDs started coming back from the factory. Holding a finished, packed and printed CD in the hand was very satisfying and gave the motivation to work even harder. Seeing CDs being distributed during the Convention and knowing that I was able to contribute to Swamiji's offering of prasad brought a smile to my face.

Thank you Swamiji.