Beyond Expectations

Sannyasi Navaratri and Chandramukhi, US

Hari Om Swami Niranjanji,

Thank you so very much for the wonderful World Yoga Convention this year!

It totally surpassed my expectations. The organization, the variety of talks and presentations, the beautiful tents with the books and the souvenirs, the kundalini experience, the stage with all the dances and plays, and most of all, Sri Swamiji's documentary movie! Wow! With so many thousands of people at the Convention, there was no hassle, pushing or trouble. Everything moved smoothly, effortlessly and seamlessly. The prasad, too, three times a day! Thank you!

For this to be so perfect, there must have been a lot of forethought, management, organization and so many sevaks working together.

Thank you for the lovely accommodation at the ashram and for each and every thoughtful consideration to make our stay and overall experience at the Convention so wonderfully amazing!

Swamiji, we appreciate your efforts and also those of Swami Satsangi, Swami Suryaprakash, the sannyasins, and all the sevaks. You are all very cherished and loved. We are most touched.