A Guru’s Duty

From The Golden Collection 2, a collection of original publications from the Bihar Yoga Tradition

A guru does not merely help his child in spiritual matters only, but his help can be commanded – yes, not requested but commanded at every step of life. You can ask for my help and advice at any time for anything. This is my duty, my mission. I shall be thrice blessed if I can help those who need and seek. I know that sometimes a little sincere guidance from the one who understands can destroy many self-invited frustrations and remove the imaginary layer of weakness in a man and bring out to the light the power that is there in every soul.

You might consider yourself the weakest one, but I know you well. I am sure that by uncovering the superficial layer of ajnana, ignorance, you can also work wonders in the world. I know the fact and I am confident about those who sincerely wish to walk on the road to knowledge and enlightenment.

Swami Satyananda Saraswati