Guru Points the Way

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

Only genuine, thirsty spiritual aspirants know me. Aspirants need not be afraid of pitfalls and snares on the spiritual path. The whole spiritual world is ready to back up sincere students who are trying to lift up their head from the quagmire of samsara. Aspirants should nourish their good samskaras through japa and regular meditation.

Even in this materialistic age, India is full of thirsty aspirants who want God and God alone, who are ready to give up wealth, family and children, ruthlessly, for the sake of God-realization which they regard as the be-all and end-all of their existence. This is a land of sages and saints. Thousands of seekers after truth are in close touch with me from all parts of the world. Many foreigners come to India in search of yogis and mahatmas.

The spiritual path is beset with many obstacles. The guru who has already trodden the path will guide the aspirants safely and remove all sorts of obstacles and difficulties. A personal guru is therefore necessary. There is no more powerful way of overcoming the vicious nature and old samskaras in the aspirants than personal contact with and service to the guru.

Guru's grace will, in a mysterious manner, enable the disciples to perceive the spiritual power within, though it is impossible for the guru to point out God or Brahman to be this or that.