Healing Power of Yoga

Prasad, Bulgaria

I started practising yoga in a very difficult period of my life. Soon after that I realized the benefits of practising on the physical and mental levels. The most interesting thing for me is the healing power of yoga.

After a really bad conflict with a colleague and after a hard period of shouting and arguing, a swelling appeared on my throat. It was almond size and very painful. Doctors did not have any idea what it was and suggested to operate so they could see what the problem was.

My yoga teacher told us that if we had pain in our body to breathe in and breathe out during meditation from the place where we felt pain. We should visualize a golden light while breathing in and see grey fog while breathing out. I decided to try and together with this visualization I was singing Ham seeing my throat from inside. I did this twice for about twenty minutes each time. After the second time I felt a warm energy going away. The swelling was gone after that.

I know that the conflict at work expressed itself in a physical way to show me my reactions. Yoga and mantra practice helped me and healed me. I know that I am on the road to discover more about the healing powers of yoga that we can develop with practice.