Impressions Yogic Studies 2017–2018 (English)

Gratitude is the most prominent sentiment involved through this adventure of Yogic Studies. Our phenomenally sincere and generous class teachers graciously guided us to the limitless scope of expanding our awareness and connection with all creation. In the integrated culture of Ganga Darshan, sitting in satsang, sweeping leaves, chanting Sundarkand, observing the swaras and rolling rotis provide equal opportunity to flow with the beautiful stream of life.

Blessed with open and receptive classmates, I find myself infused with positivity and creativity. It has been a true honour to see their transformation through their own efforts. Thank you to the many subtle teachers, each resident, guest and person present at the ashram who made our experience of yoga alive, fresh and possible.

So many times I found myself incredibly humbled by the spirit of offering embodied all around the ashram. This whole atmosphere permeated with the unconditional love of Swamiji, patiently nudging us to be our best and be for others. My heart swells with appreciation for all those who have kept the ancient wisdom in circulation. All that remains is for me to apply their teachings when I soon leave here, kindle this inner light so it shines steady and bright.

Jignasu Atmachaitanya, Australia

The 4-month Yogic Studies is nothing but a blessing in disguise for yoga aspirants. It not only taught me the basics of yoga but along with it, it moulded my personality as well.

The discipline, the daily routine and the atmosphere here helped me to inculcate the gurukul system of learning. The practical approach of teaching adopted helped me to grasp and understand the nuances of different aspects of yoga much better than any book, theory or any other methodology of teaching.

In the ashram, I met and worked with people belonging to different nationalities, different cultures, different traditions, different languages and different mind-sets, which taught me how to tackle difficult situations with ease. The positivity

N d energy of the ashram is very contagious. It helped me to assimilate the teachings imparted during the yoga classes.

According to me, what places BSY apart from any other institution/body of yoga across the globe is its approach towards yoga as whole. It adopts the experiential learning system which helps an individual to internalize and experience by himself the ancient teachings and techniques of yoga.

Amit Shamnani, Madhya Pradesh

My life until the start of the Yogic Studies was one of circumstantial convenience. Growing up, I involved myself in all activities that were expected of me; thus my behaviour was conditioned into what it was. After a series of life-changing experiences, it became clear to me that I had had very little conscious involvement in who I was. I came to BSY with the primary aim of challenging myself and also to learn yoga.

My whole life, independence, ambition and exercise of free will have been preached. This invariably led into my own search for presumed freedom and control. It is ironic, then, that this search led me to this tradition and this course and toward complete surrender. I have experienced more physical pain, emotional extremes and mental disturbance than I could have imagined.

I feel like I have been given a way to rectify a field overrun with detriment. It is up to me to nurture my sadhana as I would that hand which holds all potential.

Abhishek Sheth, Karnataka

There are only few words, which could speak for my journey through the 4-months Yogic Studies course. At the beginning was an arrogant, vain, self-centred man who following the whispers of the heart walked in to BSY. As he is about to walk out, he feels more human.

Satyadhara, Czech Republic