Yoga Propagation


On 25th October, Swami Niranjanananda was the chief guest and speaker at a program on ‘Optimum Health and Yoga’ organized by the Department of Health, Government of Bihar, in Patna. The venue of the program was Bapu Sabhagar, a newly constructed auditorium with a seating capacity of over 5,000, but due to Covid restrictions had an attendance of about 1,200 guests.

At the beginning of the program Swamiji was invited to release a booklet ‘Buddhi, Bhavana aur Karma’ compiled from his lecture given in Patna in 2019, and published by Satyananda Yoga Kendra, Patna. Thereafter, addressing the august gathering, which comprised many doctors and health professionals as well, Swamiji spoke on integrating the two V’s of Vigyan, science, and Viveka, discrimination and wisdom in order to emerge Victorious and successful in life. Yogic lifestyle represents the correct application of viveka in life, and by bringing discipline and restraint in our life, not only can we cure ailments, but also prevent them and promote health. Swamiji outlined a simple 5-capsule sadhana of mantra, asana, pranayama, relaxation and concentration that can help people achieve optimum health and wellbeing in their life.

From 6th to 10th December, a five-day yoga shivir was organized by the Vedic Yoga Kendra, Khariya, Bariyarpur. The participants were encouraged to adopt yoga to experience health and enrich the quality of their lives. The shivir was organized by Avadh Bihari Singh and classes were conducted by Sannyasi Muktideva.
Sannyasi Devshraddha conducted various yoga shivirs in Patna, Bihar:

  • From 1st to 20th February, yoga training was conducted at Magadh Mahila College, Patna University. The training concluded in the presence of the Deputy Chief Minister of Bihar, Srimati Renu Devi, and the pro vice chancellor of Patna University. The girls gave a positive feedback about their experience which included: improvement in physical strength; reduction of lower back pain; improvement of their confidence level; increase in feeling happy; increase in energy; reduction of sleepless nights. One girl summed up the experience of the group: “Yes, yoga works for our overall personality, and it is not only a necessity but it is compulsory for all human beings.”
  • From 20th to 25th March, a yoga shivir was conducted for the Intelligence Bureau Patna. Participants felt that pawanmuktasana parts 1 and 2, and yoga nidra helped them greatly to manage the mental pressure they experience in their work.
  • From 18th to 20th March, a shivir was conducted at the Bihar institute of correctional administration (BICA), Hajipur, Vaishali district. The program was for jail superintendents and assistant prosecution officers of Bihar. A request was made for a similar training program for 150 female jail wardens, however, due to the Covid-19 pandemic it had to be cancelled.

Tamil Nadu

Sannyasi Shivarishi conducted a year-long course, Sadhana Shibiram, of about 55 classes at the Satyananda Yoga Centre Triplicane, Chennai. The course was conducted on weekends and each class of 3.5 hours was a combination of practice and discussion. The classes were conducted between 5 a.m. and 9 a.m. In spite of the pandemic the participants felt the connection with the tradition and blessed to be guided by the teachings of our Guru Parampara.


From 14th to 20th January, a yoga shivir was conducted at Rampur, Palpa, for teachers, representatives of the local government, students, parents and yoga sadhakas. It was organized by Rampur Yog Samiti and Rampur Ayurveda Center Palpa, on the occasion of National Yoga week. The classes were conducted by Sannyasi Premananda from Kathmandu School of Yoga, Kathmandu, and Sudip Gaire and Surya Prasad Shrestha from Rampur Yog Samiti.
From 16th to 18th April, a yoga shivir was conducted in Manigram, Rupandehi (Lumbini). The shivir was organized by the local Government (Ward No 5 of Tilottama Municipality). The participants (between the age of 40 to 70) requested to extend the number of days of the shivir saying that they had never been exposed to such a relaxing form of prac- tices of yoga before. The sessions were conducted by Sannyasi Premananda and assisted by Damodar Bashyal, Vishnu Kharel and Radheshyam Sharma.

Sadhana Shibiram

I am R. Divya, working in State Government department. I joined the Satyananda Yoga Centre in the year 2016. For the past five years I have never missed any day without doing my mantra chanting, asanas, and pranayama. Now I don’t have any pent-up feelings, I let go of all the anger and negative emotions. This has helped me to stay calm. I have improved my focus. Yoga has helped me to see my arrogance. I realize that I have a long way to go to shed my ego.

Divya, Chennai

My journey in yoga has transformed me from being a student to a teacher, over a period of 7 years. My thirst for learning more about yoga, led me to this course, which has now become a significant milestone of my life.
The one practice that has helped me the most is the Surya Namaskar, which after doing just three rounds, provides a burst of energy, and also brings about a change in the state of mind, resulting in a sense of calmness.
The Bihar School of Yoga tradition has helped me become a resourceful person and inspires me to become a better version of myself. It has also taught me to believe in the grace of the Guru, and be humble when appreciated, and not to become egoistic on being praised.

Pooja, Chennai

I was brought to this place by the divine grace I should say when I was almost lost without knowing where or what am supposed to do. The practice of asanas brought in focus and concentration. I started understanding what role awareness plays in one’s life. Awareness of my own breath has been the most beautiful experience in my life.

The moment we were made to understand about our prana I was so shocked when I realized how much of our prana I have wasted on unnecessary thinking, talking etc. Every thought of ours has life so be aware of your thoughts. I felt my search has ended Every class I started feeling better mentally and physically. It is just not about a yoga class that I am attending. I understood that very clearly. This is the place where your whole being is taken care of and it happens only with punya of many births.

Renu, Chennai

Satyananda Yoga is an endless ocean with infinite permutations and combinations. Without a doubt, I have been a blessed beneficiary of two transformative practices given by revered Swami Satyananda: the ridiculously simple pawanamuktasana series and the profoundly relaxing yoga nidra. These have had a deep impact on my psyche and upon doing them my mind immediately feels relaxed and is able to function with enhanced clarity and accuracy.

My sentiments towards guru parampara: I have always felt a very strong unshakeable connect with Swami Sivananda and much of my seeking in the past five years has been in this direction. Whether it is his books or an audio file I listen to, his voice suffuses my heart with an innate peace. The only audio file that I have listened to completely of Swami Satyananda on the Satyam Yoga Prasad website is the one where he speaks of the training he underwent under Swami Sivananda at Rishikesh. There is this picture of Swami Sivananda with Swami Satyananda and that black and white image is entrenched firmly in my heart – the master and his disciple.

Sheila, Chennai