Deserve the Guru’s Grace

Swami Sivananda Saraswati

If you want to drink the spiritual nectar of immortality which flows from the holy lips of the guru, you will have to be an embodiment of humility and meekness. The lower nature of mind must be thoroughly regenerated. The aspirant says to his preceptor, “I want to practise yoga. I want to enter into nirvikalpa samadhi. I want to sit at your feet. I have surrendered myself to you.”

But, he does not want to change his lower nature and habits, old character, behaviour and conduct.

One’s individual ego, preconceived notions, pet ideas and prejudices, and selfish interests should be given up. All these stand in the way of carrying out the teachings and instructions of one’s guru. Lay bare to your guru the secrets of your heart. The more you do so, he will help you in the struggle against sin and temptation.

The aspirant, before he desires the grace of the Master, should deserve it. The supply of divine grace comes only when he is fit to receive it. Guru’s grace descends upon those who feel utterly humble and faithful to him. Faith is confidence and trust in guru. Faith is firm conviction of the truth of what is declared by the preceptor by way either of testimony or authority, without any other evidence or proof. The disciple who has faith in the guru argues not, thinks not, reasons not and cogitates not. He simply obeys, obeys and obeys.