Munger Transformed

Sannyasi Chandramani, Raipur

All of us returned from the World Yoga Convention feeling blessed with an exhilarating, out-of-this-world experience. From the perception of a common man like myself, it was unbelievable to observe the flawless execution of a program of such monumental proportions.

I have always thought of Gurudev Swami Niranjan as a great luminary on account of his being a manas putra, as a sadhaka, tapasvi, multi-linguist and as an embodiment of composure, wit and vast knowledge. It was, however, a mind-blowing experience to see him as the chief executive with immense energy. He fuelled countless disciples, karma yogis and others with so much energy that they might have hardly slept for weeks, yet they calmly and enthusiastically worked and created such teamwork that everything was done to perfection. We did not come across people making any complaints on any matter, be it accommodation, food, or participation at the program.

The complexion of the entire Munger town changed. No Mungerian misbehaved or had any conflict with any of us. Instead, they helped us if needed. The Deputy Mayor and a lawyer on different occasions offered us a lift when we were on our way. It was as if the Mungerians were under the enchantment of Swamiji's special grace.

To talk of Satyam Yoga Prasad, I have no words. The devotees and delegates could not take as much as Swamiji wanted to give!

The Governor of Chhattisgarh too was awestruck to have a glimpse of the Convention. So many who could not make it to the Convention were delighted to view the entire proceedings live over the internet.

It was also heartening to listen to eminent devotees and disciples of Sri Swamiji. All of them spoke in the common man's language and everything they talked about was on very practical matters. The Bhagavat Katha by Swami Girishanand was full of wit and knowledge and gripped the entire audience. The premises where Akhand Kirtan was going on appeared like a garden of spiritual flora and fauna.

Overall, the WYC 2013 was a program of such magnitude and quality as I have never seen before. We are truly blessed and thankful for being a part of this grand celebration.