Yoga and Civilization

From Golden Collection 1: A collection of original publications from the Bihar Yoga Tradition, Swami Satyananda Saraswati

With action, work or karma on the one hand, and yoga on the other hand, we should travel smoothly through life. This modern civilization, which has been a matter of allurement to us, is not complete and it is not final. It is only a phase. Perhaps in a decade or two if we all meet again, we shall know the limitations of this modern civilization. It is a phase, it is not complete in itself, and this is going to lead somewhere, perhaps to the same point in history as Babylon and Greece.

However, if we remain alert about this modern civilization, and especially about the effects of the human mind, then perhaps we may survive as a culture, just as India has survived against the accidents of history and ravages of time. We want everything modern. This attitude is all right, but at the same time, we must realize that it is not final. Once we become the slaves of modern civilization, naturally our minds will become weak and as a culture we will perish. It has happened in the past. Therefore, it is necessary that we accept the modern culture and civilization, because it is a part of human life, but we have to understand its limitations and supplement it with yoga.

Yoga is for the mind, and civilization is for worldly comforts. With both, one will survive in one's culture and attain happiness.