Know That You Are Awake

Nothing comes out of renouncing the world. It is the nature of the mind to play pranks even in the ashrams and tapovanas. Then what is the good of renunciation? The man who is ever awake wherever he goes, should transform his internal atmosphere and stay there; by correcting one’s spiritual, domestic and financial considerations, much of the difficulties in a man’s way are cleared.

In brief, in order to bring out the holy powers that reside in you, it is necessary that your thoughts should be pure, your speech should be pure, your conduct should be pure, your food should be pure, your vision should be pure.

This is the way of the world. It misguides the travellers, confuses and slanders them. So long as I was a fool, the world was pulling my leg; now that I have known the inside and outside of this world, it calls me mad.

* * *

To achieve success in any great act, a great ideal is necessary. Remember that he who has got a burning ideal before him will forever and ever go forward on the path of life. He will never be able to return.

* * *

How can nirvana be attained this way? Leave the confusion of life. Throw away all the complications, all the conflicts of thought. Let life flow evenly. Do not raise any issues of conflict. Turn yourself into a temple. Make yourself a tirtha. Make yourself into a hermitage. This alone is the way to attain inexhaustible happiness. Keep your lamp ready. Light it yourself. You will get the light.

* * *

If the body is light and the mind is light, then meditation is deep. Therefore, I am drawing you nearer to that, but first know what is the state of sleep and the state of wakefulness.

When fear, delusion, infatuation and pride disappear, then take it that you are awake.

When life becomes easy; when you do not stumble or commit mistakes; when the self is controlled and you remain in a state of blessed tranquillity, then take it that you are awake.

When petrol does not get lighted in spite of the nearness of fire;
When a piece of paper does not get wet in spite of being dropped in water;
When trees do not get uprooted in spite of a storm, then know that you are awake.