How does one find one’s psychic symbol?

Some people can find their own psychic symbol by virtue of their own intuition; otherwise you will have to consult with your guru who will be able to help you to find your psychic symbol.

What is a psychic symbol?

Psychic symbol is the basis for the awakening of the psychic dimension of the mind, like the flame of a candle or a tiny star or a triangle. These are only three examples. It can be anything. If the flame of a candle is your psychic symbol it means that this symbol is going to be the medium of awakening your psychic dimension of personality. The psychic dimension of the personality is where you have the archetypes. The external sounds, the external forms, the external taste or anything, the external sensory objects have a different form in the psychic body. These forms are known as archetypes. Every sound has an archetype. It is a type of program, just as you have a program in a computer, likewise, there is a programming inside, and it has a different symbol.

I have been speaking to you in English, which is a combination of letters ABCD, what we have learned in school; but the way your psychic mind is receiving it is a completely different affair. Perhaps it is received in the form of geometrical angles, or maybe it is received in some kind of electronic charge. They are known as archetypes. The external sound, or the external form is not the same in the brain. It is different. When you teach your child something in school, ABCD, or 1, 2, 3, 4, multiplication and division, inside there are the archetypes which are always in the angular shapes – triangles, squares and other funny shapes.

The psychic symbol is the basis for awakening the psychic body. These archetypes which are suppressed in your being, have to be exposed and revealed so that you can see them. Everybody has his own psychic symbol. It means that it is only through that psychic symbol that you will be able to open the lock of the psychic body. If you concentrate on the flame of a candle, maybe it will not work, or if you concentrate on a star maybe it will not work. If you just concentrate on a triangle or a circle it might work, and it might start exploding your unconscious: you may see different forms, different colours, different sounds. They are the archetypes.

In many places the subject of tantra is taboo. Are the people of today ready for it?

What I mean by tantra and what the rishis understand by tantra is the way to ‘stretch the mind and liberate it from matter’. This is tantra, and many people are searching for it.

12 January 1979, Gokul