A Fine Concept

Swami Satyananda Saraswati

Dehabhimana vidyate

Paramatmani yatra yatra manoyati

Tatre tatre samadhyam

When the ego related to the body and the mind dissolves and you become aware of the paramatman in you, wherever your mind goes, wherever your mind stands, there it dissolves.

What a fine concept it is. When you look at a dirty thing you get into samadhi. When you look at sensual objects, your near and dear ones, at Rama, Sri Krishna or guru, or a beautiful woman you get samadhi. Wherever you fix the mind, you can get into samadhi. You have that much control of the mind, you have that much samyama, self-restraint, that you can experience samadhi at any point. Yatre, yatre manoyate – Wherever the mind goes, on whichever object the mind is fixed, be it sensual, spiritual, obnoxious, nostalgic, good and bad, it gets you into samadhi.