My views on Mind, Mind Management and Raja Yoga

Dr Rachna Sharma

This is not the sort of book you will read from cover to cover in a short span of time. This book requires the reader to take small bites and chew slowly to digest the information. If you want to approach yoga with the sole focus on the exercise and stretching component, this book might be an overkill. Although, a reader could still get plenty of use out of the yogasana section if that were the case.

Every time I open the book, I am forced to reflect on my life and how I live it. How do I navigate this world and think about things? What can I do better to make the most of my life and to be more of use to others? This book provided me with the personal enrichment in my yoga practice that I was looking for, from the inside out.

This book has the potential to transform you if you allow it to. And so am I. It gets five out of five stars from me. I will treasure this book until it falls apart, and when that happens, I will go out and replace it right away.