Swami Satyananda Saraswati

There is hardly anybody in the world who does not know of or has not heard of yoga; and if there is such a person he is unfortunate. Even in those countries where religion has not got much scope, yoga flourishes. Ask anybody anywhere, on the train or plane, in a hotel or cafeteria, ‘Is yoga good for you?’ The answer again will be in the affirmative. Ask again, ‘Do you want to practise yoga?’ Nobody will say no. Even a person who does not practise, who cannot practise, who has no will to practise, will say, ‘I want to, but I do not.’ If you ask, ‘Does yoga harm human life?’ The answer will be in the negative, ‘Yoga cannot harm anybody.’

If there is one place where everybody comes and meets, it is under the canopy of yoga. If there is one philosophy which is compatible with every philosophy and religion, it is the philosophy of yoga. If there is any practice that gives you satisfaction, fulfilment, a sense of your own existence, the will and hope to live, it is yoga.