Experience of BYMM Teachers

The CISF children’s yoga camp was a great opportunity for me to conduct classes. I found that the children were very disciplined and were doing yoga properly and perfectly. Also they were very eager and enthusiastic to learn yogic games. Day by day the strength of the children started to increase and the students who could only understand Tamil were following the demonstration properly. Thank You Swamiji for giving me this golden opportunity, so that we children can become role models for other children.

Garima Bharti

I am a member of BYMM since 2008. When I came to the ashram I was so small, still I loved coming here. I learned and imbibed many things. I never thought that today I am learning yoga and one day I will be teaching it to other children. I feel very lucky that I got an opportunity through the ashram to go out and teach yoga. I never thought that I could go on such a long journey at such a young age. For this I would like to thank Swamiji and all other coordinators.

We went to the region of India where the children did not understand Hindi. There were some children who understood only Tamil language, yet the children used to practise yoga by looking at the children in front or around them. This shows that the children had a great interest to learn yoga. All children were so disciplined and did their practice with full concentration and also enjoyed each and every class.

Khushi Priya

The ultimate purpose of life is to live with excitement of gaining new experiences and embrace unknown and uncertain possibilities. I am an adventurous girl and like to explore new things. When I was informed about the trip I was really excited as it was something very new for me and a good chance to unlock my unknown potentials.

I loved everything about the trip from the place we stayed, the classes and students. I felt it was the best time of my life to spend with new people at a new place, adapt well and carry memories of them home. I really felt that my confidence had increased and I felt better about myself. I was able to push myself to my limit and truly make the most of every second. It was an educational trip for us. I will cherish this new inspiration and the good things which I learnt from my team members. Thank you for the wonderful opportunity to be part of this camp. I am grateful to each and every one. Special thanks to Swamiji for giving us this task, we will always do our best to work better every time.

Aradhana Sharma

I have joined BYMM in 2011 and learnt many things like yoga, dance and mantra chanting according to my capacity. I am grateful to Swamiji, the ashram and BYMM for having learnt these skills. In the classes of the CISF children’s camp I learnt many new things about teaching. I thank Swamiji and the coordinators for tis beautiful opportunity.

Muskan Kumari