Guru’s Blessings on Zoom – Impressions

The morning mantra sadhana reconnects us with the ashram spirit. It reminds us of the blessings of Guru, Devi Ma and divinity and helps start the day feeling blessed, protected and loaded with optimism and positivity. For me this is a life- changing sadhana. My spiritual practice received an immense boost and a strong motivation and commitment to deepen the sadhana emerges. What a joy that with Swamiji’s blessings we will continue it for a long time to come. We are sending our endless love and faith.

Sannyasi Gambir, Sofia

The day begins with chanting mantras and being with people of my yoga family. The focus of the day is new and different, the connection with my yoga family and Guru is stronger. I realize how the silent blessings of Guru works naturally and gracefully. I am full of gratitude. Pranam at your lotus feet, Swamiji.

Sannyasi Kripadhara, Kardzhali

The mantra sadhana has a transformative effect and I feel the energy and vibration of the ashram in Munger. The morning chanting fills me with faith and positivity and helps me cope with the challenges of the day. Swamiji, I would like to thank you with all my heart for the inspiration, wisdom and light you give us.

Sannyasi Padmavati, Rayovo

Swamiji, I am so grateful for all you do for us. Satyam Yoga Prasad is a platform which allows us to receive energy, inspiration, faith and maintain the flame of yoga within. I am also grateful to Sannyasi Bindugyana who organized our morning mantra sadhana. It ensures the best start of the day. It feels like a part of your energy and the ashram has arrived in Bulgaria. My son Preetam who loves the Happy Song very much also joins us sometimes for the sadhana.

Sannyasi Swarnaprabha, Bansko

It is a joy and inspiration to be part of this mantra sadhana, not only with the chanting but also with the work necessary to prepare the presentation. To check the spelling of Roman and Devanagri is a very powerful concentration on every letter and sound. The melody comes with the letters and words and creates a beautiful deep feeling. Searching for pictures transports me immediately to the ashram and its events. I am so grateful for this experience.

Sannyasi Tarpanvidya, Sofia

The morning mantra sadhana is a wonderful gift for us. It fills us with enthusiasm, positivity and energy. We participate with great pleasure. In Bulgaria, many of us need regular chanting and now we receive such a great opportunity. With this sadhana, we learn many new stotras, bhajans and mantras. I feel blessed to participate in this sadhana. Thank you Swamiji for giving the permission for this sadhana. It is also very inspiring because it brings us closer to you and the sannyasins of Ganga Darshan. It is hard to express how much I like all the chants which create such a positive mood and connect us to you and the ashram.

Sannyasi Yogatara, Sofia