CISF – Children’s Feedback

ASG Mumbai

I am happy throughout the day by doing the yoga class in the morning. I want that the yoga class goes on continuously, because yoga keeps our health fine which is very important for us.

—Dipanshu Gupta, 9 years


RTC Bhilai

I really liked the yoga. I just feel so relaxed and flexible. In this yoga camp, I get an opportunity to learn yoga from child instructors. They were friendly and nice. The yoga games were so funny and interesting. I loved this yoga camp.

—Priyanka Yadav, 14 years

It was fun and relaxing. My flexibility has improved. The yogic games were great. There was a nice communication with the yoga teachers, and I have corrected all my surya namaskara steps.

—Rani Mog, 15 years


RG Ghaziabad

I liked the yoga class because there were games and songs. When I closed my eyes I felt relaxed and I could see myself foggy. I did TTK and surya namaskara.

—Jayant Baghel, 6 and a half years

I remember after one particular yoga session, my body was as light as a feather. Not just my body but my mind too. It seemed to me as if my soul was filled with happiness, a happiness which was of no particular reason and thus seemed permanent. Honestly, a blissful experience. I surely recommend to do yoga.

—Shayan Bhattacharjee, 13 years


After two days I started seeing the result of yoga. I was gaining confidence; I was able to think more confidently than before. I had signs of depression, like hurting myself, crying at nights, being alone. Just after seven days of yoga practice theses signs disappeared. I was feeling happy and now I am living a healthy and blissful life.

—Vansh Yadav, 14 years


NISA Hyderabad

I find it relaxing while doing. Yoga allows me to increase focus in my study.

—V.V. Saindhavi, 7 years


My experience of yoga was very nice. All the gurus are very helpful and all the yoga taught by the gurus is very helpful and relaxing. It helps me to concentrate more in my studies.

—Divya Yadav, 16 years


LTC Neyveli

After continuous studies, tuition and homework, my body has become fat as I was not able to play outside during Corona time. After this yoga class, I feel light and relaxed.

—Shaurya Gauraha, 11 and a half years


It was absolutely amazing. It made my first yoga session such a wonderful experience. The hour I spent doing yoga with other children and teachers was the best hour of my week. I got everything I needed: a little bit of work-out to break some sweat, strong stretches in core muscles and deep relaxation at the end. The yoga teachers are so dedicated towards their work and give their level best to make us learn yoga. They help us progress quickly. They are always in line, pleasant, kind and so funny. They are the best teachers. If you have been having a rough day, this class will get you back on the right path. Thank you to all.

—P. Yuvaraj, 14 years