Yoga for Children

Shambhavi, Kathmandu, Nepal (13 years)

Yoga is one of the most important practices which should be followed every day. It is the most essential need of today. I am saying it in simple words: Nowadays, we are engaged in many tuff works in our daily life therefore we are not giving time for our inner self. We are all working hard to make our future comfortable, relaxed and easy. But if we continue this habit in our daily life then we will forget ourselves, we will forget who we are. What is our identity? Why are we here? These kinds of thoughts can get us into trouble So, let’s do something we want to do or do what is good for us but first let’s know ourselves.

We are engaged in our own purpose which is making us selfish day by day. Negativity is easily being grabbed by our mind which could be harmful for our own health. Instead of moving on a positive path or direction we are moving on a negative path which will obviously be harmful for us. So, yoga is there to help us to be positive and move with our life happily. We should know that real satisfaction is not present anywhere outside, it is present inside us. We should know that just being rich, having our own house, having a car is not the real happiness. The real happiness is serving, loving, giving, caring, being healthy, being positive and optimistic. All this can be found in the positive mind-set of our life.

Let’s share our happiness with everyone. It is the biggest happiness. The real happiness is not when we are fulfilled by any outer comfort, the real happiness is inside us and we can only increase it inside us through a positive attitude, positive character, positive mind-set. For positive behaviour yoga can be very effective and helpful.

Digital use

Talking about the present day, the covid-19 pandemic has not affected us only physically but also mentally and psychologically. We are engaged more in digital work than physical activities. Technology is good but if it is being used in an uncontrolled manner, it will be harmful. Nowadays digital means are being used in a way which is good for education and useful for us too. We students are getting an opportunity to study and complete our syllabus directly from our home. But many of us are using this opportunity in a different way like playing digital games, chatting with friends in class. Now, covid-19 has decreased but our addiction towards digital games and videos has not decreased which is harming our mental capacity. Some yoga practices like surya namaskara, bhramari and nadi shodhana pranayama, shavasana and trataka can be more useful.

Pineal and pituitary

There are many glands in our body which from our birth onwards are responsible for changes in our body, mind and emotions. The pineal and pituitary glands are the main two glands in our brain. These glands are very important.

The pineal gland is the ajna chakra, the third eye, in our body. It increases the psychic power in our mind. It produces the hormone melatonin which is very important for our inner health. Spiritually, the pineal gland brings mental clarity, a high level of concentration, clear self-expression etc. The pineal gland is highly active in children until the age of eight. After that, the pituitary gland decreases the activities of the pineal gland. Children above eight years of age start having biological, psychological and emotional changes. At this age, we become more self-centred, irritated and disobedient.

To help maintain the activities of the pineal gland, yogic techniques are used. Some yogic practices, like meditation, help the pineal gland and delay the activities of a pituitary gland dominance, further meditation helps the pituitary or the master gland to do its work properly.

In this manner, yoga is very useful for us to build up our mental capacity, high concentration, purity, self-confidence, dignity, kindness, and more. We are the future of the world, so we should take care of ourselves. We should be sure that in this world we are growing up in a good environment and learning good things. As I am a child of 13 years of age with my experience, I found it very effective in my daily life and I also request all readers, even if you are parents, teachers, grandparents, siblings or you are also a child like me, then – Encourage yourself, encourage everyone around you to practise yoga, meditation and make your life happy, happier and the happiest.

Praying for your health, happiness and harmony. Jai ho!!!