Continued Inspiration

In June 1988, Ganga Darshan conducted a one-month Teacher Training Course (TTC). Sri Swami Satyananda met the students in satsang and answered their questions. This was the last time he spoke on yoga at Ganga Darshan, for on 8 August 1988, he left the ashram and began his tirtha yatra which eventually took him to Rikhia.

The questions and answers of these satsangs are being published in this issue of YOGA.

Sri Swamiji remains alive in his teaching which is being passed on around the world by generations of yoga aspirants who have never met him but who are inspired by his life and work. His statement is coming true: Children will be more influenced by yoga than adults, for they accept yoga from the level of innocence.

One initiative was undertaken by the youth of BYMM and YYMM who conducted five children’s yoga camps for children of the CISF (Central Industrial Security Force) personnel. They took the message of yoga to five cities of India and encouraged the children to make yoga a part of their lives.

The young teachers were well trained and confident. They were happy to share the gift of yoga which they have received in abundance from Swami Niranjanananda. They allowed Sri Swamiji’s inspiration to touch and enrich the lives of their young students. In Neyveli, Tamil Nadu, they followed in the footsteps of Sri Swamiji who had held many programs there during his South India Tour in 1982.

Another initiative carries the spirit of Sri Swamiji into the homes of aspirants. It is a two year morning mantra sadhana via Zoom created by devotees in Bulgaria. The collective mantra sadhana is a tribute dedicated to Sri Swamiji on the occasion of the Centenary Celebrations of 2023.